If you are looking for a izakaya in Shimokitazawa, go to Taiwan's Motsunabe shop

You can enjoy delicious Taiwanese tsunabe and Taiwan tsutsuyaki in Shimokitazawa

In Motsunabe Honpo, which runs a retreat-like izakaya in Shimokitazawa, you can enjoy Taiwan Motsunabe, which is a spicy hotpot, Taiwan Motsuyaki, where the taste of Motsunabe is irresistible, and Mochinoyaki no Ramen. What more! A popular chicken specialty store in Korea, “CRISPY CHICKEN n 'TOMATO” collaborated with “Motsuya Hut” on March 9, 2020. ♪♪♪

Lunch hut at noon! A hut at night! And you can enjoy both day and night. At night, both the menu and the menu that you have ♪

Alcohols are also available, including highballs, sake and shochu, as well as tiger makgeolli, which goes well with Taiwanese pots. Various combinations of food and sake are available. Desserts include Taiwanese shaved ice and adult tapioca cocktails, which are easy and delicious, so please enjoy your favorite menu.
We have couple seats and terrace seats, and you can rent out the shop. It can be used in various scenes such as dates, launches, entertainment, dessert only, so please come by all means.


You can enjoy Taiwan pot and Taiwan pot at any time at a reasonable price.

We will serve you at a reasonable price


We prepare various drinks including tapioca and pot with Taiwan

Menu is abundant including tapioca drink


You can walk on foot from Shimokitazawa Station


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Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Shimouma 3-22-10

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You can enjoy the night view of Shimokitazawa on the terrace of the pub. You can see the city of Shimokita, where all culture has grown, from the station Chika's shop. As it is a roadside shop, the view is good, and not only terrace seats but also couple seats are available, so you can choose as a date course. There are many types of alcohol, so please drink with your loved ones.

About us

Taiwan's leading Nabe Honpo that operates a pub in Shimokitazawa

We carry out smoke separation in shop of famous pub in Shimokitazawa

There are a variety of customers who come to the tavern. Some people want to take a break while enjoying delicious food, but some want it to be separate from eating places and smoking places. Even if you are a smoker, I would like you to stretch my wings in the store, but on the other hand, it is also true that some people smoke cigarettes and smoke they just can not stand is. Therefore, it was made possible to satisfy both customers who want to suck by dividing the inside of the store as well as customers who do not smoke.
The number of customers also varies. There are also customers who would like to host a large banquet in groups of dozens of people. In order to meet such needs, Taiwan's Nabe store can be used by renting out. You can also prevent the other customers in the shop from making a mess, and you can prevent it if you are in the shop, and you can enjoy it while enjoying the pot with Taiwan, such as hot pot and hot pot. Consultation on loan can be made by phone or on the website, so please call once if you are looking for a place to have a large banquet.

It is also possible to enjoy the hot pot of Taiwan for couples and on the terrace.

The food at the store is an extraordinary day, so it's the same as eating at home. Please experience the unusual, hideaway tavern food. Taiwan's pot with a calm atmosphere like your own will feel even more delicious. Please enjoy delicious hot pot and shaved ice in the shop with a low lighting atmosphere.
In order to make the time spent in the store more memorable, the couple's seat and the terrace seat are prepared. Even if you enjoy the same menu with the same food, special seats can make you even more enjoyable. If you sit face-to-face with your loved ones in a couple's seat and share a delicious Taiwan pot, your mind will be even stronger. Therefore, it is used by many customers as a popular dating spot for young people.
The terrace seat is also recommended on sunny days. The food while watching the moon floating in the night sky is also impressive, so if you would like a memorable moment, please come to the Taiwan Hot Pot Store, which offers a rich menu.